Hey Jason here, welcome to my brand new blog No Strings Dating

just a quick word to let you know why I have created this site, basically about a year and a half ago I went through a messy divorce with a woman I should have left many years before, but hey we all live and learn don’t we.

Once the divorce was finalized and the ex wife got what she wanted, which was pretty much everything, I decided to change my lifestyle completely, so I moved to Spain and rented an apartment and started to put my life back on the right track.

The trouble in moving to a country were you don’t speak the language is made obvious when you try and start to meet women to date, I’m not an ugly guy but I ain’t no Brad Pit either, I did manage to date a couple of lovely girls but they seemed to want to take the relationship further than I had planned.

I’ve set a rule for myself not to get involved to deeply with anyone for the next few years, I basically just want to have fun with no strings dating.

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